Thank You, Veterans. We honor all who served.

Veterans Day


On November 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I, Armistice Day was celebrated for the first time. By 1926, Congress had passed a resolution for an annual observance and by 1938, Armistice Day became a national holiday. Its name changed in 1954 and now, we know it as Veterans Day. It is a day to celebrate and appreciate those who served the United States with honor during war or peacetime.   

Today and every day, Turner Pest Control is proud to support and hire veterans. In celebration of Veterans Day, we honor all who serve. We are especially proud of the veterans on the Turner team who collectively have given over 200 years of service in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.   

Wade Wilson, a proud veteran of the Marine Corps and the Technical Director at Turner Pest Control, said, “To me, Veterans Day is honoring our country’s real heroes who have sacrificed all or given some part of their life to support the foundation this country was built upon. As a combat engineer in the United States Marine Corps, I learned all about equality: sharing the same beliefs no matter race, color, or religion. We all bleed one color, red!”  

“The value that has carried over still guides me today,” he continued, “No man or woman left behind. I am here to help support those less fortunate who may not have a voice or who need help of some kind to make it through each day. Serving this great country and the people that live within it will always be at the front of my mind until my last breath. Semper Fi! Till the Day I Die.”  

To celebrate and show gratitude to the veterans of the United States, we are proud to have donated to K9s for Warriors. This organization is the nation’s largest provider of service dogs for veterans. K9s for Warriors is dedicated to saving the lives of veterans and rescue dogs, with 82% of their veteran graduates reporting reduced thoughts of self-harm and 92% seeing a reduction in medication use. This organization’s commitment to ending veteran suicide and raising awareness for invisible disabilities is an incredibly important cause, one that we feel lucky to donate to.  

There are no words for the gratitude we have for all military veterans and active service members. These are the people who keep our homes and families safe, a selfless service we are so lucky to have.  The amazing people who protect the United States comprise a beautiful menagerie of all walks of life. Service members are parents, siblings, friends, and neighbors. Our veterans have helped shape this country’s past and they are the heroes who safeguard our future. These are the heroes who answered the call to serve, those who we honor today and every day for their bravery and commitment.  

Turner Pest Control President, Bill Talon, said, “Personally, my own service in the United States Navy as a machinist mate on a nuclear ballistic submarine shaped my years of professional growth and service in the private sector that followed. My military experience helped me understand what it means to be part of a team and of something greater than myself. I learned what it meant to be selfless and what it truly means to serve, and honed a set of competencies that have served me well, from leadership, communication and organization skills, to engineering and strategic planning.” 

“I know that I am not alone in recognizing that the lessons and skills I acquired in the military have made me a better person and leader—our nation is served by countless veterans who put their leadership to work to make their families, companies, communities, and country stronger every day.” 

To all veterans: we are truly humbled by your loyalty and the sacrifices you made for our liberties. The legacy you leave in the wake of your service inspires us all. We remain forever indebted to your sacrifice and we honor your service. We will never forget your unwavering commitment and heroism. 


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