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A Guide to Reopening Your Business

May 28, 2020   |   TurnerClean Disinfecting Service

Now that all types of businesses are putting their reopening plans into action, we know that ensuring the health and safety of your company’s employees, customers, and visitors is job one. To help you with your reopening strategy, we’ve put together a guide with a suggested three phrase approach.

As always, follow local, state, and federal authorities for the very latest guidance on public health strategies.  

Phase 1

  • Safety plan: Create a plan for training your employees on all safety procedures.
  • Timeline: Establish and share an opening timeline for employees and customers.
  • Safety measures: Establish safety measures such as 6-foot floor markings, mask/glove policies, and sanitizing stations.
  • Remote working policy: Allow employees to work remotely when possible.
  • Professional disinfection: Have your workplace disinfected with a professional service such as TurnerClean that protects against COVID-19, other types of viruses, and bacteria.
  • Professional pest inspection: If your business has not been operational due to COVID-19, pest problems may have been left unchecked while you were closed. Some disease-spreading pests, such as rodents, may have entered your business in search of food and water. Ensure that pests are exterminated before employees and customers return.

Phase 2

  • Continue telework: Encourage remote work when possible and provide special accommodations to vulnerable employees.
  • Provide for social distancing: Close common areas, clear breakrooms of tables and chairs, and limit the number of people allowed in a breakroom at one time.
  • Maintain disinfection: Schedule recurring TurnerClean disinfection service to maintain virus protection in your workplace. 

Phase 3

  • Display procedure signage: Ensure sanitizing and hand-washing stations and 6-foot floor markings are clearly marked throughout your workplace.
  • Continue PPE use: Continue to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to employees and visitors as necessary.
  • Check temperatures: Regularly check employees’ temperatures.
  • Establish visitor protocols: Ensure that contact tracing is enabled by having a sign-in procedure to track individuals with whom your employees may come into contact. Also establish policies to limit overcrowding at any one time.
  • Maintain disinfection: Continue the use of professional disinfection service.
  • Display proof of disinfection: Let customers and employees know they are entering a safe place by displaying your TurnerClean Certificate of Disinfection.

Protect The People Your Business Depends On

Turner Pest Control is here to support public health and your business with our Commercial TurnerClean Disinfection Misting Service. Call us at 800-225-5305 or contact us online for a customized quote on our ongoing TurnerClean service plans. 

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