Benefits of Lawn Aeration

benefits of lawn aeration

Plenty of aeration benefits exist – such as improving root growth, speeding up nutrient delivery from fertilization, and removing thatch buildup, just to name a few – but, before we get too far into them, what is lawn aeration, exactly?

Lawn Aeration Definition

When you decide to aerate a lawn, this involves strategically perforating holes in the yard. Then, small plugs of thatch and soil are removed. Why? This thatch and soil aeration allows for water, air, and fertilizer to sufficiently permeate the soil. Your lawn can then breathe, which enhances the growth of deeper roots—with the result being the beautifully lush and green lawn of your dreams.

In other words, thatch builds up on your lawn, causing your soil to become so compacted it cannot absorb the necessary water, nutrients, and oxygen. Soil compaction occurs mostly on the surface, and it only takes a thin layer of compaction—that’s one fourth to one half of an inch—to cause problems. This layer reduces how much oxygen can circulate below the surface and limits the ability of plants, such as your grass, to obtain enough nutrients. 

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of thatch buildup. Thatch is a layer of loosely compiled organic material in the lawn, both living and dead. This can include stems, roots, shoots, and so forth. When this debris accumulates more quickly than it organically breaks down, too much thatch can pile up. Once there’s a layer of more than one inch, it becomes a problem. It holds onto excess water, which makes it more challenging for oxygen to reach the roots of your turf. This also creates an environment that’s more favorable to lawn pests (including grubs and chinch bugs) and lawn fungi (think: brown patch and dollar spot fungi).

Aerating your lawn addresses those problems through the root causes of soil compaction and thatch buildup (see what we did there?) and beautify your yard.

Additional Warning Signs

If your soil doesn’t seem to be compacted and the thatch buildup isn’t visible, but you notice that your lawn isn’t growing as it should despite quality care, it’s likely time to aerate your lawn. Not to mention, if you purchased a recently built home, the topsoil may have been trampled quite often by construction traffic. The same could happen if your home is one where kids and pets often gather to play outdoors. Regardless of the ‘how’ in these scenarios, the ‘what’ of heavy traction usually causes more soil compaction that you realize—and aerating your lawn can be a savvy step to take. 

Here’s one more example. Sometimes, lawns have been enhanced by soil layering. Garden compost, for example, may have been placed on the top of the soil for grass seeds to take hold. Depending on how the soil was layered, there may be a problem with water drainage. This could lead to poor root development, which can be addressed by soil aeration, allowing water to reach the roots more easily. 

Benefits of Soil Aeration

We’ve alluded to some of the benefits in our definition and warning signs. They include improving how air can be exchanged—from the atmosphere into your soil—and the enhanced possibilities for water and fertilization uptake in your soil. Some additional benefits include:

  • Reduced water runoff and, therefore, reduced puddling
  • Stronger root growth in your lawn
  • Less soil compaction and thatch buildup

Plus, with lawn aeration, you’ll benefit from increased turf tolerance to heat and drought—which is important in Florida’s climate. Your lawn, then, will become more resilient. 

Lawn Aeration Service

‘That’s wonderful,’ you’re probably thinking, ‘but that sounds like one more thing I need to do to take care of my lawn.’ 

Fortunately, Turner offers lawn aeration services to boost the root growth of your grass and improve your lawn’s overall health. 

Turner Pest Control technicians are lawn care experts, providing outstanding lawn and outdoor services. In fact, we take care of your lawn like we would our own—and we’ve expanded the ways in which we beautify your yard by offering lawn aeration services. 

When it comes to aerating a lawn, the process works best before the weather becomes too hot. So, schedule your free soil aeration inspection online today. As with all our services, we’ll provide a free estimate that’s based on your lawn’s specific needs. 


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