Turner Pest Control Acquires Larue Pest Management
To Our Valued Customers,

We’re very pleased to let you know about an exciting new partnership between Larue Pest Management and Turner Pest Control. Effective June 21, 2022, our teams merged and are currently working together to serve your lawn pest control, residential pest control, and termite control needs.

Let us assure you that although our trucks and uniforms say “Turner Pest Control” you’ll continue to have the high-quality service you’ve come to expect from Larue Pest Management:

• Your services will be provided in the same friendly, professional manner
• Normally scheduled visits, total client satisfaction, and access to customer service specialists will remain the same
• Local team members will continue to service your account. The team is staying in place — we are just part of a bigger family now!
• Your same local service team and communications specialists are available to answer any questions or concerns at 239-334-0880.

We hope you’ll be as pleased as we are about this new era for our company and customers. Turner and Larue Pest Management share the same unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality of services and products, and a focus on bringing the best innovations to our customers. All of us at Larue Pest Management believe we could not have asked for a better fit as we join the two families together. We feel confident you’ll agree.

Best regards,
Larue Pest Management
Keith Ruebeling, President & Owner

As President of Turner Pest Control, I’m pleased and excited to announce the combination of Larue Pest Management and Turner Pest Control! By uniting these two world-class organizations, it gives us the ability to better serve both of our customer bases by giving us increased density and the ability to quickly respond to any service needs you may have.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you on the foundation of trust and respect that the Larue Pest Management team established over their years of excellent service. We’ll do all we can to continue to earn your business every day and with every service we perform.

Cheri Michaels
President, Turner Pest Control


When is the merger effective? Larue Pest Management and Turner Pest Control merged on June 21, 2022.

Will my service stay the same? Yes, any service you have with Larue Pest Management will stay the same.

I have my account set up for automatic payment. Will that continue? Yes, your regularly scheduled payments will continue on your normal schedule.

How do I contact you if I need service? You can reach us at 239-334-0880. You will likely reach one of the friendly Larue Pest Management Customer service representatives that you are used to speaking with!

I usually mail in payments for service. Where do I send payments now? All checks will need to be made out to Turner Pest Control LLC and mailed to P.O. Box 952503 Atlanta, GA 31192-2503.

Do you have a customer portal? You will continue to have access to your customer portal.

Most importantly, welcome to the Turner family.

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Larue Pest Management
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