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All Altamonte Springs homeowners have one thing in common: the ongoing battle with Florida’s many pests. No matter how well you maintain your home and yard, pests such as roaches, ants, bed bugs, and termites can quickly become a problem. The good news? The pros at Turner Pest Control have affordable pest control services that can keep your home pest-free inside and out.

A full range of Altamonte Springs pest control services.

Our comprehensive services include recurring monthly service that’s priced according to the size of your home and yard. Whether you want ongoing protection or have an immediate need for help with a tough pest problem, we’re ready to help.

Complete interior pest control: Our technicians will come out to thoroughly inspect your home, discuss any concerns you have, and create a pest control plan that’s customized to your needs and budget. Our recurring indoor pest control service takes care of any ongoing pest problems and helps prevent new ones.

Lawn and outdoor: We have comprehensive lawn and outdoor services that keep your lawn green and lush, including fertilizer treatments, grassy and broadleaf weed management, fungus management, and turf optimization treatments. Optional shrub fertilization and disease control services are available as well.

Termite control: Termites are one of the greatest threats to your home, and repairing the damage they do can cost thousands of dollars. We have termite control programs that include exterminating existing termites and protecting your home from new infestations. We treat problems with Formosan, Eastern subterranean, and drywood termites.

Mosquito control: While the area’s climate allows year-round enjoyment of your yard, the presence of mosquitoes may not. They’re not only a nuisance—they can also carry dangerous diseases, including the Zika virus. We have one-time treatments and recurring service that let you enjoy your outdoor spaces throughout mosquito season.

Bed bug treatment: Living in an area that’s an international vacation destination means our area has millions of tourists passing through each year. Unfortunately, that also means that bed bugs can easily spread to homes and businesses. If you have a bed bug problem, don’t wait to call Turner Pest Control. We have the expertise and products to make your home free of these pests.

Rodent control: As soon as you see a mouse or rat, give us a call! Acting promptly to take care of a rodent problem is key to preventing a population explosion. We inspect your property to locate all of the entry points rodents use to get into your Altamonte Springs home, then create a rodent control plan that meets your needs.

Let us take care of all your pest control needs.

We’ve been serving the pest control needs of Floridians for 40 years, so we understand your unique pest problems. We offer free, no-obligation estimates, so call us at 407-675-5000 or complete the form at right today!

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