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Guide to Pest Control in West Palm Beach

June 7, 2024   |   West Palm Beach

Turner provides pest control services in West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach is a marvelous place to live in and a wonderful place to visit—with the temperate climate and abundance of sunshine playing a key role. Pests are also attracted to this environment, but Turner Pest Control offers cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly West Palm Beach pest control services to tackle infestations.

In this guide, we’ll share insights into commonly found pests in Florida and their possible impact on your home and family as well as how to optimally respond. You can flexibly use this pest control guide, reading through or skipping to the subheadings that interest you. If you need prompt service, please contact us online or call (561) 791-2400 for a free inspection, no-obligation quote, and customized solution.

Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders, Wasps, and More

These are some of the pest species commonly found in West Palm Beach, and they can be real nuisances. Some, like cockroaches, can carry disease—bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites—while others can bite (including the poisonous black widow and brown recluse spiders) and still others sting—like the venom-carrying wasp.

Fortunately, we can take care of them all in one sweep. When you need complete interior and exterior protection of your home, choose our West Palm Beach residential pest control by our expert exterminators. Indoors, we’ll treat every crack and crevice to provide entry point protection, including beneath appliances. Outside, we’ll take care of ant hills, spider webs, wasp nests, and other unwanted evidence of pest colonies in thresholds, eaves, and much more.

In between regularly scheduled visits, if you want us to check out a pest situation, just let us know—and we’ll return for a no-cost followup. Get relief with our residential pest control in West Palm Beach!

West Palm Beach Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have harassed humans for centuries, carrying deadly diseases. In an in-depth article about these unwanted pests, the writer pens the following: “And they’re not finished with us yet.” Diseases they carry include the West Nile virus, the Zika virus, malaria, and much more. Medical advancements have thankfully taken place, but the best cure is still prevention.

Florida is home to dozens of varieties of mosquitoes, so proactively thinning the places where they breed and thrive just makes good sense. Reducing or eliminating standing water is key, which can involve emptying water in wheelbarrows, pots, and kiddie pools; fixing leaks; and more.

To protect yourself, stay indoors during dusk and dawn when possible. When going out then, wear long-sleeved shirts and pants, applying mosquito repellent. Cover cribs and beds of young children with net canopies.

Ready to take back your yard? Contact our expert team for comprehensive mosquito control treatments in West Palm Beach that take care of them from egg to adulthood through fast-active, long lasting, and ultra-low volume treatments.

Benefit from professional mosquito control services!

Rodents in West Palm Beach

The rat, historically speaking, has been a “scourge to mankind” always to be “pitted against each other as implacable enemies.” Although that may sound dramatic, North America’s seventy-plus species of rats and mice directly or indirectly spread thirty-five-plus unwanted diseases. These include the plague, lyme disease, typhus, rat-bite fever, encephalitis, and more. Plus, they damage the integrity of homes; when they chew through wires, they can trigger house fires.

Rodents reproduce rapidly to create bigger and bigger infestations; signs of infestations that indicate a need for rodent control can include the scurrying sounds they make, especially after dark, and oily smears where they’ve been: often on baseboards and wall bottoms. Or, you may spot their feces in cabinets, pantries, and other places where food is prepared or stored with dry food packaging containing holes and gnaw marks.

To keep them out of your home, locate entry points and seal them off, including ones as tiny as a quarter of an inch. Inside, prevent them from getting access to food.

When you need rodent control by our well trained West Palm Beach rodent exterminators, let us know!

Termites in West Palm Beach

“Buildings that are not properly protected from termites,” Mississippi State University notes, “will become infested by termites.” These critters can slip into cracks as tiny as 1/32 of an inch and use soil as an on-ramp from above-slab patios and room additions.

Florida is home to twenty-plus termite species with the most common being the aggressive formosan termites, prevalent eastern subterranean termites, and drywood termites. One single colony can threaten a home’s integrity as they chew wood around the clock with termites causing billions of dollars in damage to homes each year in the United States and thousands to single homes.

Highly effective termite control options at Turner include:

  • Premise: our most economical option
  • Termidor: longer, more extended protection
  • Altrist: our greenest termite treatment

Contact us to discuss which termite control option is best for you. Our West Palm Beach termite  control experts use soil treatments that can exterminate these pests before they even get into your home.

West Palm Beach Lawn Pests

Because of our state’s long grass growing season, lawn pests can be problematic for most of the year.

So, our West Palm Beach exterminators also take care of pests outside as we beautify your yard as part of our lawn and outdoor pest control services. As part of the program, we’ll get rid of lawn pests commonly found in Florida: lawn grubs, mole crickets, sod webworms, armyworms, chinch bugs, lawn grubs, ticks, mosquitoes, and more. We’ll manage broadleaf and grassy weeds along with fungi. As optional services, we can also get rid of include fire ants, which bite, sting, inject venom, and trigger allergies; armadillos that can carry leprosy and dig tunnels in your lawn; and moles that can do serious damage to your yard.

As part of our lawn beautification, we fertilize your yard, add “green up” treatments, and more. You can also choose to have shrub fertilization and disease control programs added.

Contact us for lawn and outdoor pest control services in West Palm Beach today!

Local Wildlife in West Palm Beach

Animals that get into West Palm Beach homes include raccoons, squirrels, possum, armadillo, birds, bats, and snakes as they look for food, water, and shelter. Each species has its own distinctive behaviors, which often cause damage to your home, and many carry and can transmit unwanted diseases. To add to the problem, these wild animals often bring ticks, mites, fleas, lice, and more along with them.

Whether you see, hear, or otherwise suspect the presence of nuisance animals, it isn’t recommended that you try to deal with their removal yourself. When they feel cornered, they often react badly by biting and scratching. What’s safer and much better: prompt professional wildlife removal services in West Palm Beach, which is exactly what we provide. In fact, whether you’re having problems with wildlife inside or out, we can help.

Reach out to our expert team for wildlife removal.

Contact Turner for Your Pest Control in West Palm Beach

When you need West Palm Beach pest control, make Turner your go-to choice. We’ve got the experience—more than fifty years—and the specialized expertise needed to provide you with prompt, cost-effective, eco-friendly pest control services. Plus, we’re ready and willing to solve your pest problems!

When you contact us online or by calling (561) 791-2400, we’ll provide you with a free home inspection, no-obligation estimate, and personalized pest control program.

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