The Local’s Guide to Pest Control Services in Naples, FL

pest control in Naples, FL

Naples, Florida provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, thanks to the abundant sunshine and temperate climate. That’s one of the reasons why so many people come to Naples to live or to visit—and why residents stay. When it’s time to go back indoors, though, nobody wants the presence of uninvited guests—meaning, the pests that are also attracted to the climate of Naples. Fortunately, Turner Pest Control offers solutions: efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective pest control in Naples that takes care of unwanted infestations.

In this guide to pest control services in Naples, FL, we’ll offer professional insights into Florida’s commonly found pests, the impact they can have on people’s homes and families, and the best ways to respond. For a comprehensive understanding, you can read the entire guide. Or, you can use it flexibly to meet your needs, skipping to the appropriate subheadlines of interest. Since many people will want comprehensive pest control services in Naples to enjoy a pest-free environment, we’ll start with how to achieve that before providing information about specific troublesome pests in the area.

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TurnerBundles: Comprehensive Pest Control Services in Naples

People have different preferences. Some, for example, want information about individual pests and help to remove them while others just want them all taken care of—and kept away. If you’re in the latter category, TurnerGuard Bundles will streamline your home maintenance in ways that reduce your stress and simplify your life. We offer three plans that allow you to pick and pay for what you want—and nothing more. They include the following:

  • TurnerGuard Complete Home Protection: This is our premier bundle of services, the ultimate package of pest control services in Naples. You’ll receive tri-annual termite and pest control; monthly lawn and shrub services that include fertilizer and weed control; annual lawn aeration, as needed, and soil PH testing; and monthly mosquito control.
  • TurnerGuard Preferred Home Protection: For your peace of mind, this TurnerBundle includes tri-annual termite and pest control; lawn service, including fertilizer and weed control, every other month; and annual soil PH testing.
  • TurnerGuard Essential Home Protection: Protect your biggest investment with our most vital services: tri-annual termite and pest control.

For more specific information about the pests that can harass people in Naples, read on!

Commonly Found Pests: Ants, Roaches, Spiders, Wasps, and More

Said another way, these are commonly found nuisances in Naples—and they can be true irritants. Beyond that, they can cause damage to your home, including the carpenter ant that excavates through wood to get the material needed to build their nests. Ant species can also contaminate food supplies through the germs they carry, including the dreaded E. coli. Another species that can carry bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites: the cockroach.

Some of these species bite, some of which are the venomous black widow spider and brown recluse spider. The young, the elderly, and people with underlying medical conditions can be the most susceptible to their venom. Others sting, including the venom-carrying wasp, and—let’s face it—you don’t want any of these pests in your home.

Rather than individually addressing each of these pest species, Turner can take care of them all in one sweep through our residential pest control in Naples. This program provides comprehensive interior and exterior protection. Inside your home, we’ll treat entry points, including every crack and crevice. Outside your house, we’ll get rid of ant hills, spider webs, wasp nests, and more, eliminating evidence of pest colonies in thresholds, eaves, and more.

If you want us to check out a pest problem in between your regularly scheduled visits, reach out! We’ll follow up at no extra cost to you as part of our residential pest control services in Naples.


Destructive Termites in Naples

Protection can be crucial when it comes to termites, destructive critters that can slither into cracks as minuscule as 1/32 of an inch. As Mississippi State University puts it, “Buildings that are not properly protected from termites will become infested by termites.” It doesn’t take much for them to find an on-ramp into homes, either, with soil from room additions and above-slab patios serving the purpose quite well.

Plus, there are plenty of termites to go around in Florida. Our state is home to more than twenty termite species with the most commonly found being Formosan termites (quite aggressive!), the eastern subterranean termites (very prevalent), and drywood termites. Just one single colony can seriously damage a home and threaten its integrity because of its non-stop chewing of wood. It’s not surprising, then, that termites cause billions of dollars in damage in the United States alone, each and every year, with thousands of dollars often racked up in damage for a single home.

Fortunately, our Naples exterminators can provide the highly effective termite control treatments you need to protect your home. Options include the following:

  • Premise: our most economical option
  • Termidor: longer, more extended protection
  • Altriset: our greenest termite treatment

Our exterminator in Naples, FL will happily discuss which choice is best for you and your home. Then, we’ll use soil treatments that get rid of these awful pests before they can get inside.

Problematic Lawn Pests in Naples

Although the fact that we have attractive weather for most of the year is a draw, this also means that lawn pests can be prevalent for much of the year, too. This can include the following lawn pests commonly found in Florida: lawn grubs, mole crickets, sod webworms, armyworms, chinch bugs, lawn grubs, ticks, mosquitoes, and more. As part of our Naples lawn and outdoor pest control services, our exterminators get rid of them while also beautifying your yard.

Also included in the lawn beautification portion: broadleaf and grassy weed management, lawn fertilization, fungi management, green-up treatments, and more. If you’d like, you can add shrub fertilization and disease control to your personalized lawn care program. Additional optional treatments include those for:

  • Fire ants: Just one annual treatment can protect you, your family, and your guests from painful fire ant bites when you bundle fire ant management with your lawn and outdoor pest control program.
  • Armadillos: These critters can damage your lawn as well as carry disease. Fortunately, our pest control experts can apply targeted products in their burrows to cause them to depart and not come back.
  • Moles: These creatures destroy turf and, while they can’t be stopped from coming onto your lawn, Turner offers effective treatments to get them off: bait applications applied to the path in which they travel.

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Pesky, Potentially Disease Carrying Mosquitoes in Naples

Mosquitoes have caused plenty of problems over the centuries, “And they’re not finished with us yet.” One key problem: they can carry and transmit serious diseases such as the West Nile virus, the Zika virus, malaria, and so much more. Many of these diseases have had deadly results and, while medical advancements have occurred, the best cure is still the same: prevention.

It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to spread disease, which is why regularly thinning the population just makes good sense. Dozens of mosquito species live in Florida, breeding in standing water. So, to fight back, proactively eliminate or at least reduce places on your property where standing water exists: in wheelbarrows, pots, kiddie pools, and more. As part of your strategy, fix leaks so that water doesn’t have a chance to collect again. To protect yourself against mosquito bites, stay indoors, when possible, during dusk and dawn. If you need to go out, wear pants and long-sleeved shirts, applying mosquito repellent on exposed skin. These biting pests can get inside so, if you have babies or young children in the house, cover their cribs and beds with net canopies.

If you’re ready for comprehensive mosquito control services from our exterminator in Naples, FL, just let us know online or by calling (239) 758-0397

bed bugs jacksonville

Unwelcome Guests: Bed Bugs in Naples

An often-repeated myth is that bed bugs gravitate to homes that aren’t very clean, giving good housekeepers a false sense of security. Here’s the reality: bed bugs have harassed humans for thousands of years, and they don’t really care how neat and clean their homes really are. They’re looking for a place to feed and breed, and just about any house with those benefits will suit. Bed bugs are adaptable critters.

To add to the challenge, the overall population of bed bugs is growing, just as it has since around 1990. Why this is happening is up for debate, but the increase in national and international travel is a suspected cause—and, since Florida serves as a true vacation destination, it’s only logical that a greater percentage of bed bugs would land in our state.

Once they’ve found their way inside, they hide quite well in difficult-to-reach places, spreading easily throughout the house. And, although bed bugs like to settle in places with food sources, they can literally live for months without any nourishment. They adjust to a wide range of environments, too, including ones close to the freezing point and ones up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our Naples exterminators, though, have two highly effective types of bed bug treatments: chemical and heat treatments. Reach out for your pest control services in Naples today!

Rats and Mice in Naples

Nobody wants to see rodents in their home, and this is nothing new. Historically speaking, the rat has served as a “scourge to mankind” with these creatures and humankind always being “pitted against each other as implacable enemies.” Does that sound a bit dramatic? Sure. But, more than thirty-five unwanted diseases are spread by rodents, either directly or indirectly, such as the plague, Lyme disease, typhus, rat-bite fever, and encephalitis. If that’s not problematic enough, rats can damage a home’s integrity and, when they gnaw through wires, this can trigger house fires.

Once you have just a few rodents in your home (assuming that male-female pairs exist), they will likely reproduce rapidly. This can turn the relatively small population into a true infestation faster than you might expect. Signs that this is happening in your home can be scurrying sounds that you hear, especially at night, and oily smears along baseboards and wall bottoms. You might first notice their feces in places where food is stored or prepared or gnaw marks in dry food packaging. However, if you notice their presence, you’ll want to keep them out going forward. So, contact our exterminators for rodent control services in Naples, and take proactive measures to close off entry points that rodents can use—even ones as small as a quarter of an inch. Also, prevent their access to food and water in your home.

Contact Turner for Your Naples Pest Control Services

For more than fifty years, Turner has fulfilled its promise to provide professional service, personally delivered. When we come to your home, we only send the best people: professional, well-trained technicians. They will use today’s safest and most environmentally friendly products that are also highly effective and cost-effective, applying them expertly for maximum effect.

So, when you need pest control services in Naples, Florida, choose Turner and our specialized expertise that will solve your pest problems. To get started, please contact us online to schedule your free, thorough inspection with an appointment time you can count on, conducted by our expert pest control technicians. You’ll receive a no-obligation quote and a customized plan to take care of your issues. Or, you can call us at (239) 758-0397. Then, with your approval, we’ll begin your pest control in Naples, treating your home with respect and you with courtesy.

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