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Which Pest Control Services Do Orlando Homeowners Really Need

September 14, 2020   |   Community Support

The short answer, of course, is whatever services are required to get rid of your problematic pests and to proactively prevent their return. If you’ve got a certain pest, then that’s top priority.

In general, these are some of the most common Orlando pest control problems that people experience:

And that doesn’t include lawn pests such as fire ants, moles and armadillos, plus spiders and much more.

You can find plenty of information about each of these in our Best Pest Control in Orlando Guide. Here are highlights.

Bed Bugs

These nasty critters have been bothering people for literally thousands of years, with one single female able to infest an entire apartment complex. So, just imagine what she could do to an Orlando home.

Bed bugs can be challenging to spot and identify. They’re not much bigger than an apple seed, with eggs even more miniscule, and they can be confused with other pests. These tiny pests are reddish brown with flat, oval-shaped bodies. They can appear bloated; if so, they’ve recently feasted (ewww).

To make matters worse, they can be pretty sneaky when entering your home, riding on luggage, thrift shop purchases—even clothing. Then, they slither into small cracks in bed frames, baseboards, and furniture joints. They thrive in broad ranges of temperatures, settling into even the cleanest home.


Just like bed bugs, mosquitoes have an ability to really harass humans, from that irritating droning sound of their buzzing wings to when they bite. Those itchy bites.

Unfortunately, besides being annoying, mosquitoes can carry and quickly spread serious diseases, including dengue fever, malaria, the West Nile virus, the Zika virus, and more. They’re drawn to Florida’s temperate climate, with more than 80 types of them found in Florida. Yes, they’re more prominent from spring through fall but, in our state, they can be active virtually all year long.

In an attempt to prevent them from breeding on your property, it can really help to eliminate or at least greatly reduce standing water on your grounds. This can range from watering cans to bird baths, from kiddie pools to old tires and more.


Rats and mice can also carry and spread dangerous diseases, all too efficiently and well. People and pets alike can become ill through rodent bites. Even more insidiously, they can become sick by coming in contact with rodent urine and droppings—even water that has been contaminated by their urine.

Rodents in North America (and there are more than 70 species of rats and mice here) spread about three dozen diseases, directly or indirectly. Directly, they can spread rat-bite fever, the hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, the plague and more. Indirectly? Lyme disease, typhus, encephalitis, Colorado tick fever, and more. They can also do serious damage to your home, including with wooden structures and wires, with the latter having the potential to start a house fire.

They can enter your Orlando home in a crack as tiny as a quarter of an inch and breed quite rapidly. So, just a couple of rats can turn into an uncontrollable infestation in a blink of the eye.


Just one colony of termites can contain thousands of destructive pests and, since a single female can produce 30,000 eggs daily, infestations can grow exponentially. And, if you thought it was bad that a rodent only needs a sliver as tiny as a quarter of an inch to get into your Orlando home, a termite only needs 1/32 of an inch. Seriously.

These crafty creatures can enter homes through plumbing entry points, near room additions and above-slab patios where soil levels can create an entrance ramp for them, and so many other places. To add to the challenges, there are more than 20 termite species in Florida, including the Formosan termite—the most aggressive type in the United States. Plus, the eastern subterranean termite is so prevalent that they actually cause more destruction than the Formosan variety.

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To get started, simply request an inspection online or call us at (407) 675-5000. Our exterminators in Orlando are here to help and ready to get started!

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